Women’s Health

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We have a number of female doctors available for appointments on any women’s health issues you may have.

We look after the following aspects of women’s health:

  • Cervical Screening
  • Cervical Cancer Vaccine
  • Breast Check
  • Sexual Health
  • Contraception
  • Ante and Postnatal care
  • Unplanned Pregnancy
  • Fertility Problems
  • Menopause
  • Well Woman Medical

Free Smear Testing

The Rowe Creavin Practice is registered with the National Cervical Screening Programme.  If you are between the ages 25 – 44 years you are entitled to a smear once every three years.
If you are between 45 and 60 years ,you are entitled to a smear every five years.
The ideal time to have a smear test is midcycle i.e. 10 days 2 weeks after the first day of your last periods (unless you no longer are having periods, in which case you can book anytime).
You must bring your letter of invitation from Cervical Check on the day of appointment. In order to get this invitation letter you must register with Cervical Check on line now. You will neeed  PRSI / PPS number to register. Click here to register with Cervical Check.

Breast Screening

It is important for all women to remain breast aware throughout their lives.

  • What changes should I be aware of?
  • A change in size or shape- if one breast becomes larger than the other
  • Changes in the nipple – In direction or shape, flattening , or pulling appearance
  • Changes around the nipple – Ongoing rash, crusting of surrounding skin
  • Changes in the skin – dimpling puckering or redness
  • A lump of any size in your breast
  • Constant breast pain
  • Swelling in armpit or above collar bone

The 5 point breast awareness code:

  1. Know what is normal for you
  2. Know what changes to look and feel for (see above)
  3. Look and feel your breasts regularly so you know if there is a change
  4. If there is a change it is vital that you schedule an appointment with your GP
  5. You should be invited for breast screening once you are 50 yrs of age


Sexual Health


Confidential Screening Service

We provide a Full STI Screen includes samples taken and tested for Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, HIV, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, Syphilis and a cervical smear for women.

Contraceptive Services

Combined Pill

This is the popular form of contraception. Containing oestrogen and progestogen, the combined pill is greater than 99% effective when taken correctly. It is a prescription drug requiring attendance with doctor every 6 months for a blood pressure check.

Mini Pill

Progestogen-Only Pill There are also pills which have progestogen only and no oestrogen. The mini- pill is greater than 99% effective. The progestogen-only pill is ideal for women who for various medical reasons cannot take the combined pill. These include breast feeding mothers. Also it is a suitable alternative for older women.

The Injectable Contraception

There is one type is available in Ireland. It can be used by women who cannot use other methods of hormonal contraception. It must be administered every 12 weeks.

The Coil

The coil is an excellent form of contraception. It consists of a plastic T-shaped coil containing progestogen. The coil is inserted day 3-7 of your menstrual cycle. An added benefit is that it is very effective at treating heavy painful periods In fact some women may have no periods at all. The Mirena is effective for 5 years after insertion.

Implanon Bar

Emergency Contraception – ”Morning after pill” 

If you have had sex and did not use contraception, or if you think your contraception did not work you can use emergency contraception. This should be taken within 72 hours of unprotected sex. The earlier you take it the better. This is available after a consultation with your doctor.

Menopause and HRT Service

The term menopause means last menstrual bleed. During the menopause the production of the female hormone oestrogen declines.

The menopause can cause a range of the following symptoms

  • hot flushes and night sweats
  • Fatigue / tiredness
  • Insomnia
  • headaches
  • vaginal dryness
  • emotional symptoms

However, women can now be expected to live well into their eighties. Hand in hand with this increase in life expectancy comes a number of potential health risks that can serious affect women in the years after the menopause.

1. Osteoporosis – Bone loss which can cause crippling disease for older women
2. Heart disease – Women in Ireland have the highest incidence of heart disease in Europe
3. Breast cancer

We can offer a comprehensive menopausal assessment for women, determining their individual risk for osteoporosis, heart disease and breast cancer. We can also discuss the option of HRT as a symptomatic treatment for difficult menopausal symptoms on an individual basis.

Well Woman Health Check

What is Involved?

Prior to the consultation you will be given a medical questionnaire to complete at home, which helps to highlight any special concerns.

What tests are usually carried out?

  • Electrocardiograph (ECG)
  • Spirometry
  • Haematology profile (FBC)
  • Liver Testing (LFT)
  • Kidney Testing (U&E)
  • Thyroid function test
  • Cholesterol testing
  • Fasting Glucose for diabetes
  • Urine Analysis
  • Breast Examination
  • Eye Test
  • Hearing Test
  • Full Lifestyle analysis with the doctor
  • Supplementary tests may be suggested and arranged in certain cases. These tests are carried out in the hospital setting and do carry an additional fee, for example:
  • Chest Xray
  • Stress/Exercise ECG
  • Ultrasound Scan
  • Mammogram

Why have a medical examination ?

Screening is the process of identifying a medical problem at its early stage, when treatment and management is much easier. A regular medical examination gives you useful information about your health and can sometimes also highlight familial conditions. Advice will be provided will regard to the management of any short-term and long-term medical problems. A full report is then sent to you regarding your results.



Appointments for Full Medicals

As you will need to fast for at least 14 hours beforehand, we encourage patients to book early morning appointments.

To make the appointment, please contact our reception staff on 051- 370057 and a copy of your pre-assessment questionnaire will be forwarded.

Please remember to bring the completed questionnaire with you to your appointment.