Heartwatch Programme

heart watch programme photoWe run a HEARTWATCH programme which was launched in 2004 by the Department of health aimed at the secondary prevention of heart disease. Secondary prevention is applying preventative measures to people who have already had a cardiac problem. The programme is aimed at those people who have already had a heart attack, or a cardiac intervention such as angioplasty, stent or coronary bypass. Unfortunately we cannot include people in the Heartwatch program who are not in this category. There are several other oprions for those people.

If you believe you qualify for this programme you can approach us to take part. We feel it provides you with the very best in preventative care.

What does the programme involve?

Heartwatch is both a preventative health initiative designed to give you the best in preventative care and a simultaneous study designed to glean information on the results of intervention. The basic protocol involves quarterly visits to the clinic. Before the first visit, and before some subsequent visits, blood tests will be performed. Your heartwatch visit follows a few days later. At the visit you will be assessed. Information related to your past health history, family history, and medications will be illicited. You will undergo a physical examination. A personal plan to improve you health status will be engaged and previous plans reviewed. We are very conscious of peoples’ time and special appointments are made in the hope that you will not be unduly delayed.

What is included in the programme?

The programme includes the four visits and whatever blood tests, ECGs and 24 Hour Bp monitoring deemed necessary for each individual patient.

What is not included in the programme?

The programme is a cardiovascular prevention programme and we could envisage that all your primary care cardiovascular prevention needs would be met by the programme. Interventions and consultations outside the programme are not covered.

Are there any other implications?

As stated above, data is collected at each visit and this information is used in a nationwide study to assess the programme. This is the primary reason for the funding from the Dept of Health. The information is collated by an Independent Data Commission and only the statistical analysis is made available to the Dept of Health. We will not share any identifying information about you with the Independent Data Commission or the Dept of Health.

What do I do now?

The scheme is open to anyone who fulfils the criteria above. If you feel you are eligible and wish to take part in the programme please contact RECEPTION on 051-370057.  Please indicate that you wish to join the Heartwatch programme when you call.